If you’re looking for a dedicated asset and property division attorney, JWB Family Law can provide assistance and guidance during each phase of your case. Our experienced team in Temecula can help you resolve your legal matters through mediation and achieve a solution that all involved parties are satisfied with or protect your interests in a litigation process if necessary. In either case, you’ll have the best experts on your side.

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Determining and appraising assets and property value for the purpose of dissolution of marriage or any other situation can frequently be a complicated task, especially if there are unresolved issues and opposing ideas about the division. We do our best to make all parties involved come to a mutually satisfactory solution to a dispute before resorting to litigation.

However, if an amicable resolution is not possible, our family property division lawyers operating in Temecula will tirelessly protect your claims and make sure that all assets are disclosed, appraised, and distributed in a way that satisfies your best interests and protects your rights. Our legal team will handle all the related legal matters in a confidential and professional manner.

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We’ll make sure to explain all the details of the case in a way that leaves no room for doubt or uncertainty so you can make decisions with confidence with knowledgeable guidance from our experts. We know how complicated asset and property division can be, particularly when a settlement can’t be reached out of court.

We know that each case is unique, and our experienced family property division lawyers are prepared to work through various issues and complexities, including community and separate property, business valuations, trusts, retirement funds, stock options, disability benefits, or any other asset your case might involve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Property division can vary depending on the state you live in and the state where your property is in. In the case of divorce, even when assets are informally divided between spouses, there still needs to be a formal order from the court.

In California, a “community property” state, the couple’s property and debts acquired and incurred during the marriage are divided equally among partners if no written agreement specifies otherwise. After determining if the property is community or separate, value is assigned to each asset or debt before the property can be officially divided. If you need any assistance with your division, reach out to the leading property division attorneys in Temecula at JWB Family Law.

Property control is a court order that gives one of the spouses, or domestic partners control over property or the obligation to pay certain bills while the divorce proceedings are still pending. These matters can get quite complex in certain cases and might require assistance from experienced property division attorneys.

Most states use the equitable division rule when it comes to property and asset division in divorce proceedings. California is one of the nine “community property” states, meaning all assets and debts acquired during a marriage are divided equally between spouses.

Community property excludes inheritance and gifts. These are considered separate property of each partner and are generally not subject to asset division in divorce. Another exception to equal division of assets are the cases that include a signed written agreement, usually a prenuptial agreement, which establishes a different division in case of divorce.

Professional advice and assistance from experienced property division lawyers in Temecula are indispensable in such cases.

Dividing assets and debts during or after a divorce can often be a stressful and confusing experience without professional assistance from skilled experts. JWB Family Law offers comprehensive knowledge and years of experience through a wide variety of complex family dispute cases. You can rely on our team of property division attorneys to take care of your interests whether you require assistance with your property division in El Centro or need support protecting your assets in a wider San Diego area.

Additionally, our team can handle your child and spousal support cases or assist in legal processes regarding child custody matters. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with our Temecula property division lawyers while you enjoy your day at Temeku Hills Park or Ronald Reagan Sports Park.

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