JWB Family Law is a firm apt at handling your child and spousal support case with diligence and determination. Our experienced spousal support and child support lawyers will help you sort the financial complexities stemming from your separation or divorce in Temecula. We possess in-depth knowledge of the California Family Code and you can rely on us to explain all the essential details regarding your obligations and rights. Count on us to provide sensitive and confidential legal counsel in your best interest.

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Whether you are the one asking for a divorce or responding to dissolution papers, our team of legal experts is here to help you reach a favorable outcome. We have extensive knowledge and years of experience in dealing with the intricacies of California spousal support laws and regulations. Our child support attorneys will be there with you throughout all the stages of the proceedings, working in your best interest.

Our expertise, dedication, and willingness to fight for our clients and their children’s best interests allow us to consistently and dependably help you ascertain the most suitable terms of child support payments in Temecula and other nearby areas.

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You can rely on our dedicated attorneys to guide you through every step of the legal process and explain your rights in great detail. With us by your side, you will know exactly what you can claim for alimony or reimbursement, as well as which expenses the other parent is responsible for.

Conversely, if you’re the one providing child and spousal support for your children and former spouse in Temecula, we will help lead your case to a just and equitable conclusion. You can also count on our conscientious professionals to help you understand where your responsibilities lay, thus leaving you better prepared for a financial commitment you may need to make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Under California law pertinent in Temecula and all other areas, both parents are legally obligated to financially support their child. Whether they are married, divorced, or were never married, both parents have the responsibility to provide for their child’s basic needs (e.g. food, housing, clothing, etc.), as well as cover other expenses related to their child’s well-being (e.g. education, health care, etc.).

In general, the court will take several factors into consideration when determining the child support amount:

  • Gross income of both parents;
  • The amount of time a child spends with each parent;
  • Child-related expenses;
  • Tax deductions or relevant factors that impact a parent’s income.

In California, a parent is legally obligated to financially support the child until they turn 18 or graduate from high school (whichever occurs later). However, some cases may call for a parent to continue paying child support (for example, if a child has a disability that prevents them from providing for themselves).

If you’re struggling to secure support from your former spouse or if you’re the one getting an unfair deal on your financial responsibilities toward your child, our child support attorneys are here to help you get your voice across and secure reasonable terms.

California law does not specifically define how long a person must be married to be eligible for alimony. Rather, it is only one factor (along with income, financial needs, health, presence of children, etc.) that will determine if a former spouse can or can’t receive financial support.

At JWB Family Law, we have an in-depth understanding of the personal and legal predicaments you’re faced with during child and spousal support proceedings. That’s why we’re here to offer expertise-based legal assistance with many different types of cases regarding family law.

Count on us to help you with your spousal support proceedings in San Diego and turn to us for help during child support proceedings in El Centro. We’re also here if you require assistance with child custody and visitation rights and if you need legal help during your military divorce.

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