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Tuesday’s Tips

Welcome to Tuesday’s Tips! Every Tuesday, Jane Wesley Brooks, CFLS, discusses a family law topic with the hopes of providing insight into frequently asked questions. These one minute videos are posted on JWB Family Law’s website, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Tune into Tuesday’s Tips to stay up to date on family law in San Diego.

How to Divide a Community Property Home?

The Cat of Sadness

Who Keeps The Engagement Ring?

Paternity Actions To Take

Moving Children Out of State

What is Legal Custody?

How Much is Child Support?

How Much Is Spousal Support?

What are ATROs?

Difference Between Sanctions vs. Attorney's Fees & Costs

What Is A "No Fault" Divorce?

What Is Domestic Violence?

How Can I Protect My Children From Domestic Violence?

Child Custody & Visitation During the Holidays

How Do You Deal With Custody Issues During the Holidays?

Can I Change My Family Law Attorney After I've Hired Them?

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

What To Do About Your Taxes In The Middle of A Divorce?

What Do I Do If I Need More Child Support?

How Do You Restore Your Former Name After Divorce?

Do I Need A Prenup?

How To Prepare For Filing For Divorce

To Pre-nup Or Not To Pre-nup?

Should You File for Divorce Before or After Tax Season?

Stay At Home Parent - Will they need to start working?

What is Physical Custody?

Will I Have to Pay Spousal Support?

What Money Can I Use In My Divorce?

What You Need To Know About Medical Insurance & Divorce

Who Keeps the Family Pet In A Divorce?

Divorce & Immigration

What happens to spousal support if there's domestic violence?

What Is A Fair Market Value Appraisal?

Tips On How To Cope With Divorce During The Holidays

When Will Mediation Work When Getting A Divorce?

What Is The "Cat Of Sadness" & How Does That Relate To Divorce?

The 6-Month Divorce Myth

When Will Divorce Mediation Work?

What Are Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure (PDOD)?

When Should You File Your Child Support Case With the Department of Child Support Services?

What Is The Right of First Refusal?

Child Sharing and Covid

Reclaim Your Former Name

Can I Change Custody?

Who Gets The House?

Who Pays Child Support?

How Long Will I Have To Pay Spousal Support?

Who Pays the Mortgage While Divorcing?

What You Need To Know About Attorney's Fees & Costs

Paternity Judgements

What If I Ignore My Divorce?

Child Custody & Domestic Violence

How Are Child & Spousal Support Arrears Determined?

Should You Tell Your Spouse About A Year-End Bonus?

When Will Mediation NOT Work When Getting A Divorce?

Things To Know Before Filing For Divorce

Summer Vacations & Child Custody Schedule

When Does Divorce Mediation NOT Work?

Is There An Advantage to Filing for Divorce First?

What's The Difference Between Separate Property & Community Property?

General Info

Just like Tuesday’s Tips, these general information videos also cover a variety of topics within family law.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

Does The Mother Always Get Custody?

What Happens to Wedding Rings After Divorce
Temporary versus Permanent Spousal Support & Child Support


Domestic Violence

AB 2274 - New Pet Custody Law In California

How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce
How to Restore a Former Name After a Divorce

How to Create a Safety Plan for Your Family

Military Divorce

What Money Can I Use Once I Decide To Get A Divorce?

Can I Record My Spouse Being Abusive

Spousal Support Modification
Can you record your spouse to show harassment?



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