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“Jane has been my rock and helped me through my divorce. She is firm and knowledgeable. She is great at client management and helped me stay focused throughout ongoing disagreements with my ex. I refer all of my clients seeking family law help to Jane.”

—Linda M., San Diego, CA

“Jane is the best when it comes to honesty and straight-to-the-point feedback. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. I received the best service I could have asked for. I especially enjoy the occasional contact she makes to see how things are going. This personal touch from an attorney goes a long way. I have and will continue to refer Jane to any friends or family as needed. With Jane, I know they will get the best legal service out there.”

—Gilbert C., Chula Vista, CA

“Before Jane took my case I was not able to see my son very much. It got so bad I had to call the sheriff to try and enforce the agreement my ex and I had. The sheriff told me that I needed to have a court order and that’s when I went and found Jane Wesley Brooks. I had a free initial consultation and we put together a game plan. The whole thing took almost a year but I got EVERYTHING, and I will repeat EVERYTHING I was looking for…If you decide to get a lawyer, be prepared to go ALL IN and if you have mentally made that decision do yourself a favor and get the best lawyer you can. Jane Wesley Brooks is amazing you do not want to go against her. ”

—Peter S., San Diego, CA

“Jane is great. She is always straight to the point. She made sure I understood everything that was going on. She is absolutely confident in court, and her paralegals were always helpful. She cared for me and also for my family.”

—Andres A., Chula Vista, CA

“Jane was FANTASTIC in court. She knows the law EXTREMELY WELL. She was able to fight things that were improper or not right, and things that went against the law. She was able to show patterns of behavior and lack of willingness to comply with orders. Not only did she win my move-away case, but she was also able to get me an award for attorneys’ fees. She definitely knows the laws front and back!”

—Elisa D., Lakeside, CA

“Jane was always patient and was willing to explain the legal issues in a way that a layman could understand. She responded to the legal process in a timely manner and was never a cause of delay. Her staff was courteous and efficient, and I enjoyed working with them. My case went to a two-day trial. That was a very stressful process, but [she] was able to keep me focused and as calm as possible. I recommend her to others who are dealing with divorce.”

—Dale G., El Cajon, CA

“Jane was so good it makes me want to get divorced again. I went through a horrific divorce, and Jane was there to ensure that I was protected. She had my best interests in mind—and I know for sure without her, I would have been in a very terrible situation.”

—Michael P., San Diego, CA

“Jane is a fantastic attorney. Attentive, aggressive, informative, and compassionate! She assisted me with varied issues including divorce, restraining orders, and real property issues that spanned across two counties—San Diego and Riverside. She was consistently available to me to answer my questions, which is rare for attorneys. I highly recommend Jane for all your dissolution needs.”

—F.D., San Diego, CA

“When you feel your time-tested sense of reality shifting all around you and your reeling mind is busy trying to adjust to the altered attitudes of all the people you trusted….that is when you most need a rock like Jane Wesley Brooks. When you most want to shout out in court from righteous indignation, Jane will be there to tell you to stay seated and be quiet. She will be your rock…talking straight, keeping you on your much-needed true focus. She knows how to deliver on all aspects of this soul-eating business you are going through. Having her in your camp will make you feel like a weight has been lifted and it will calm you.”

—Eric M., San Diego, CA

“What do you know, an honest lawyer! Jane took care of my divorce from long distance. Always gave me the straight scoop and weighed the pros and cons of each issue before any were taken on. I feel Jane saved me money navigating through the legal and emotional issues of divorce.”

—Pete M., Franktown, CO

“Going through a divorce is not easy for anyone, but I feel that my divorce was exceptionally rough, and I am so glad that I had you by my side as attorney during this tough time. You always had my best interest in mind, understood all of my concerns, and most importantly you provided me with the best legal representation that I could have hoped for. I am very happy with the outcome and could not have asked for a better result with the circumstances given.”

—Dr. M.P., San Diego, CA


Can’t imagine too many people enjoying having to engage a family law group but when needed you can’t afford to settle for anything but the best. Jessica, Jane’s associate attorney, continues to prove to be what every client should be looking for—responsive, respectful, understanding, and compassionate while never losing site of tenaciously and aggressively pursuing her client’s objectives. A single dad, fighting all the usual uphill battles, Jessica has never let me down. Diligently fighting and more importantly winning! Over the last couple years, Jessica has been monumental in successfully pursuing my custody objectives. I can’t thank her enough. She has an amazing mentor in Jane, the two of them are certainly a champion team.

Chris P.

“Jane is an AMAZING attorney! She got everything done for me ahead of schedule and was one of three very important people to me while going through a very difficult time….very upfront and honest to the core. She tells you exactly what you need to hear and never sugarcoats it. Even my ex-wife refers everyone she knows to Jane that may need help with family law. That’s how great she is!”

—Vinny C., San Diego, CA

“I want to thank you for taking such good care of me during my divorce. I had gone to another lawyer prior to getting your name from a friend, and that was a disaster. Once I was referred to you, you gave me outstanding service and handled my case with individualized attention and incredible competence. There were no surprises because you kept me informed every step of the way. You took the time at the beginning of my case to outline what to expect. I can’t thank you enough for resolving a very difficult divorce. And thank you for helping me get my life back on track!”

—M.T., San Diego, CA

“I took a chance in trying a legal search service when I needed an attorney ASAP when dealing with a potential parental kidnapping case. As one would expect, there were many that responded, all of which claimed to be the best in their field with years of experience in these matters,” but there was something about Jane’s voice mail that made me call her—perhaps it was as if she had already committed herself to my case before knowing the details that made me feel comfortable enough to choose her over the others. Indeed, it was straight to business. I live on the East Coast and she’s on the West, but that didn’t matter, she and her staff would make it work and there was no time for fooling around. From the beginning I felt like I was the only one, as if I had my own personal attorney, she made time and worked around MY schedule and there’s no putting a price to that. Informative, strong-willed, personable, straightforward, and honest—there’s no BS when it comes to Jane and her staff. Her staff is also amazing, thanks Brian! If you’re going through a divorce or in need of a family law attorney who cares and will tell you up front the truth (some may not like that, not all cases are winners) and likelihood of a positive outcome or not—then JWB Family Law is the place to call. She will FIGHT on your behalf until it’s done or until there’s nothing left to fight for. She breaks the stereotype about lawyers, when she takes your case she becomes YOUR COUNSEL and makes sure you understand everything that’s happening by taking the time to explain the who, what, when, and where. Jane is amazing, and I’m very happy to have made that call to her.”

—Laurence R., Warrenton, VA

”I want to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding job. It was a pleasure…particularly because of the exceptional confidence and resolution you irradiate. Thank you for your patience in dealing with me. My recognition also goes to your professional office team—they are absolutely helpful and courteous.”

—M.D.M., San Diego, CA

“Three years subsequent to the finalization of my divorce, I once again retained Ms. Brooks’ services to prepare documents to modify the original court decree in response to my changed employment status. Ms. Brooks expertly guided me…and achieved a revised final settlement that brought a permanent and irrevocable termination to ongoing financial support to my ex-wife. That change was immensely important to me…I highly recommend JWB Family Law to anyone that is faced with the need to deal with divorce.”

—D.E.G., San Diego, CA

“My husband and I both used Jane for our first marriage issues. She is very informative, strong willed, personable, always had our best interest in mind, and is hands down the best family law attorney out there. I recommend her to everyone I meet who is going through a divorce.”

—Shauna H., Santee, CA

“Personally, I cannot say enough about Jane Wesley Brooks. Honesty was our main focal point of every conversation. She shoots straight from the hip and explains exactly what could happen and what might happen, even sometimes hearing what you did not want to hear. My divorce process was more lengthy than necessary, primarily due to the fact that my ex-husband continued to play games, not providing documents, etc. Many times Jane had to step in and write the moving papers to take control of a situation, when it should have been the opposing counsel’s responsibility. She is fair and equitable and highly respected by not only most attorneys but also judges. This is key when you are trying to resolve situations, knowing that she has the utmost respect from those in the legal field. I do and will continue to recommend Jane Wesley Brooks to anyone seeking a good divorce attorney.”

—Hillary S., El Cajon, CA

“I had already gone through my divorce and was being taken back to court. I asked a good friend of mine if they knew of a really great attorney and they gave me Jane’s phone number. She is really great at her job and makes you feel very important. I felt very confident I found the right attorney. My friends were right. Jane is a great attorney.”

—Becky B., El Cajon, CA

“I cannot say enough great things about Jane Wesley Brooks!!! Unfortunately she wasn’t my first lawyer. I had to fire a lazy, incompetent lawyer first. Jane came to my rescue and took over my case. Fixing all the problems from the previous attorney. She is so knowledgeable about divorce, law, and even tricky military loopholes. There is nothing she couldn’t handle. Jane and her amazing paralegals always returned my calls and emails promptly. I trust Jane Wesley Brooks 100 percent. She is sharp, smart, and doesn’t mess around. I pray that there are no more divorces in my future. But if it happens, I know just where to go. People look no further, don’t waste thousand of dollars on a lawyer that won’t work hard for you.”

—Cristin N., San Diego, CA

“JANE IS AWESOME! Smart and competent would be enough in any case, but she is also caring and fair and truly wants to help you. I spent my life savings and am still paying off my previous attorney. I can’t express how much I wish I would have known and hired Jane in the first place. I recommend her to everyone I know. Don’t hesitate.”

—Kim Z., San Diego, CA

“I interviewed four attorneys before I picked you to represent me. The others were only interested in my assets, not me personally. But you were different. Your compassion, competence, ethics, toughness, and communication skills were obvious. I made the right pick: During my divorce, you commanded the situation, explained exactly what was happening legally, and kindly offered helpful personal advice. It’s finally over, and I am VERY satisfied with the settlement and would wholeheartedly recommend the JWB Family Law to anyone going through the same crisis and transition.”

—R. P., Carlsbad, CA

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