Child Custody and Visitation Attorneys

Child custody and visitation is a central issue when parents with minor children divorce. While some parents are able follow legal and physical custody orders, as well as child visitation agreements, on their own, others benefit from the expertise of a family law attorney and the assistance of the court.

Legal and Physical Child Custody Orders

When drafting custody orders, JWB Family Law will review your family’s personal situation, evaluate options for joint or sole custody, and prepare paperwork to formalize your custody and visitation arrangements with the court.

In situations where modifications to an existing custody arrangement are needed, we will review your existing agreement and advocate for a modification that best fits the needs of the minor children.

Child Visitation Modification

JWB Family Law represents clients involved in custody disputes in which parents cannot agree on a visitation schedule that is in the best interests of the child. When custody arrangements are unresolved and a solution cannot be reached out of court, the court will determine the best interests of the child and award visitation accordingly.

Numerous factors come into play when the court assesses and orders visitation based on a child’s best interests—including the health, safety, and welfare of the child—as well as frequent and continuing contact with both parents. It is important to work with a family law attorney to ensure that you put yourself in the best possible position to argue for custody or visitation rights.

Parental Relocation

Parental relocation becomes an issue when one party wishes to move out of state with the children. Depending on your custody and visitation agreement, a move that substantially increases the geographical distance between one parent and a child will require consent of the other parent or permission of the court.

Whether you are the moving or non-moving parent, we will advise on relevant factors to consider when requesting or opposing a move with children.

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