Navigating Post-Divorce Communication: Advice from JWB Family Law in San Diego

The conclusion of a marriage through divorce doesn't always mean the end of interactions with your former spouse, especially in California. Post-divorce, various circumstances, such as co-parenting or court-ordered financial arrangements, necessitate ongoing communication. However, navigating post-divorce communication can be complex. At JWB Family Law in San Diego, we recognize the difficulties many face in [...]

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Protecting Your Business Assets During a San Diego Divorce

Navigating a divorce in San Diego can be particularly challenging for business owners, where the stakes are high, and the complexity is amplified. In this comprehensive guide, we at JWB Family Law will delve into crucial strategies for protecting your business assets during a divorce in San Diego. Understanding Community Property Laws in California Divorce [...]

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Navigating In-Home Separation in California: A Guide by JWB Family Law in San Diego

In California, including San Diego, legal separation is a recognized option for couples considering a split. Traditionally, legal separation entailed living apart, but the state's high cost of living sometimes makes this impractical. This leads to the concept of in-home separation, where couples live together but lead separate lives. JWB Family Law delves into how [...]

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Understanding Child Support Calculation in California: Insights from JWB Family Law in San Diego

In the complex terrain of divorce in San Diego, one of the most crucial aspects is that parents should know the process of understanding child support calculation. At JWB Family Law, we understand the nuances of this process and are committed to guiding our clients through it. California's Approach to Child Support Calculation In California, [...]

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How Do I Request a Paternity Test?

The question of paternity can be a significant concern for individuals who have had children out of wedlock. Establishing paternity for legal, emotional, and financial reasons is essential. In this vlog, we guide you through the process of requesting a paternity test, emphasizing the importance of following the proper legal procedures. I. Filing a [...]

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What Is Supervised Visitation?

In family law, the concept of supervised visitation emerges as a crucial safety measures for children whose parents exhibit behaviors that are deemed potentially harmful. This vlog aims to shed light on the essence of supervised visitation, exploring the circumstances under which it may be mandated by the court and the role it plays [...]

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The Link Between Domestic Violence and Child Custody

Domestic violence can include physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and psychological actions. Other actions, such as threats or coercive behavior can also be considered domestic violence. Without a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney, it can sometimes be difficult to identify it or figure out whether it’s cause for legal action. This is why learning more about [...]

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Child Custody Schedule Options

When you are in a proceeding to decide how to share the custody and visitation of your children, many decisions must be made by you and the other parent on how you will co-parent your minor children. If you are unable to reach an agreement, the court will make a decision for you that you [...]

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What Not to Post on Social Media During Your Divorce

Anything you post on social media during a divorce can, and likely will, be used against you in your dissolution proceedings. Knowing what not to post on social media during your divorce is extremely important. You want to avoid posting about getting divorced on all your social media profiles because anything that can be construed [...]

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