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Establishing or contesting paternity can be a sensitive topic. JWB Family Law will assist you in a confidential and respectful manner to establish or contest paternity. Our attorneys are also here to help you work through child custody, visitation, and support issues.

Regardless of marital status, parents have rights and obligations under the California Family Code. Both, and in some cases all, parents are mutually responsible for the support of their children. Therefore, the outcome of a paternity action can be critical to a child support calculation. The obligation of support is not limited to biological children. Our dedicated paternity attorneys in San Diego and surrounding areas can help you find a solution that works for all parties involved.

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We understand the importance of establishing paternity and having a legal declaration of parentage. Our dedicated paternity attorneys in San Diego have the experience and knowledge to help you through what may be a difficult time. Paternity cases can be complex and may involve a voluntary declaration of parentage, presumptions of parentage, equitable parent relationships, competing claims for parentage and other legal mechanisms. Either parent may dispute the paternity of a child. Laws in this area are complicated, and it is highly encouraged to establish paternity in a timely manner. Our attorneys will make sure that you understand your rights and options as a parent or non-parent and will fight for your best interest.

We have the finest paternity attorneys in San Diego

If you are considering contesting or establishing the paternity of a child, our experienced paternity lawyers can assist you in filing a petition for parentage, contesting a paternity action, and developing a child custody and visitation plan.

Establishing paternity may entitle a parent to receive child support or request child custody and visitation. Paternity actions can involve complex issues related to invitro fertilization, children with more than two parents, rape, unborn children, surrogates and more. Our attorneys are experienced and capable of handling unique cases that pose difficult issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a father have to establish paternity?fotex2023-10-25T22:21:08-07:00

A paternity action can be brought at any time. When a child’s parentage is uncertain, the court can determine who the legal parents of the child are. Courts are not permitted to order permanent child support from a party who contests parentage until the dispute regarding parentage is resolved. However, the court does have the authority to order temporary child support pending a final resolution of the parentage dispute if there is “probable existence” of a parent-child relationship.

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How can you prove you’re the parent of a child?fotex2023-10-25T22:20:32-07:00

There are several ways to establish paternity in California. The court may accept a stipulation of parentage from the parties. Parentage can also be established through a voluntary declaration of paternity, which is commonly signed at the hospital when the child is born. There are other factors that are considered when a court is determining parentage. Most factors are not determinative­—meaning they do not establish parentage on their own. Some factors that a court may evaluate include biological genetic testing, marital status, whether an individual functions “in every way” as the child’s parent, and more.

If you are seeking to establish or contest paternity in San Diego, our diligent lawyers are here to provide you valuable legal advice.

How can you dispute paternity?fotex2023-10-25T22:19:45-07:00

There are many issues that fall under the umbrella of a paternity action. Some reasons a paternity action may be filed are to establish parentage, to terminate parental rights, or to change prior court orders related to parentage. The courts have continuing authority to modify or set aside orders regarding presumed parentage status. If you believe that you are not the parent of a child, we can help you dispute the issue in court and gather evidence to support your position.

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What is DNA testing for establishing paternity?fotex2023-10-25T22:18:25-07:00

Genetic testing is a scientific method used to determine the identity of an individual. Genetic testing can sometimes help determine the legal parent of a child. However, genetic testing is not always a conclusive way to determine who the legal parents of a child are. Especially in cases involving adoption, same-sex couples, invitro fertilization, and more than two parents, genetic testing is merely a factor in a parentage analysis.

Genetic tests can be ordered by the court and performed by court-appointed experts. Genetic testing done outside of the court order does not have any legal significance. In some cases, genetic test evidence may be used to overcome what is called a “presumption of parentage.” However, genetic test evidence may only be used to overcome a paternity presumption if the action is filed and served within two years of the child’s birth.

Our dedicated paternity lawyers understand the intricacies and importance of parentage and are here to help you skillfully navigate this sensitive issue.

Who are reliable paternity lawyers in San Diego & beyond?fotex2023-11-13T19:43:03-08:00

If you are dealing with paternity issues, JWB Family Law can help provide the legal assistance you need to resolve your matter in an efficient and effective way for everyone involved. Our team of experienced and compassionate paternity attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. We understand the stress and confusion that can come with legal matters, and we are here to diligently assist you. You can trust us to assist you in matters of child support, give you valuable legal advice regarding asset property division, and offer guidance with delicate child custody cases.

We’re also here to help you establish your paternity rights in Temecula and work on your paternity case in El Centro. Our team is at your disposal across Southern California, whether you’re located near San Diego Bay or the Pechanga Resort & Casino. Set up a free consultation today and let us know how we can help!

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