Our skilled spousal support lawyers at JWB Family Law help families handle financial matters related to divorce and separation, including the determination of child and spousal support. We’re well-versed in the legal complexities of the California Family Code and help our clients understand their rights and obligations. We know the emotional and financial strain that these situations bring, so we always strive to provide sensitive and knowledgeable legal counsel across El Centro and the area.

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Our team of child and spousal support attorneys can guide you through this difficult time whether you’re serving or receiving dissolution papers. We’ll help you understand the process and understand all the details regarding the proceedings. We’ll work with you to negotiate a fair settlement that is in the best interests of you and your family.

Our attorneys in El Centro are experienced in the field of family law and can provide you with constructive advice and competent representation for your specific situation. Each divorce is different and the impact on spousal and child support differs case by case. We’ll help you calculate child support based on the state’s strict guidelines, which include both parents’ income and other factors.

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Our seasoned experts can also assist you in arguing child support in court to ensure your rights are protected and the support isn’t too low. We’ll handle all the papers, filings, and ensure expert legal representation for a streamlined experience we try to make as stress-free as possible.

We’ll also answer all your questions about spousal and child support, including how it’s calculated, how long it lasts, and more. Our team will ensure you get fair and favorable results whether you’re a custodial or non-custodial parent. All you have to do is reach out to us and schedule a free consultation with our top child and spousal support lawyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In California, the court only considers the parents’ income to calculate child support, be it in El Centro or any other location. In some cases, the judge may inquire about your new spouse’s income to determine the effect on your after-tax income or for other reasons. A party should be prepared to disclose how much his or her new spouse earns.

If the marriage lasted 10 years or less, spousal support is generally ordered for no more than half the length of the marriage. If it lasted longer than 10 years, the court will determine the duration of spousal support, which may be as long as the spouse needs it or even long-term or permanent support. You can consult a knowledgeable spousal support lawyer, such as our team at JWB Family Law in El Centro, and learn more about it.

The court will calculate child support based on specific state guidelines. In California, more specifically in El Centro, the amount of child support is determined based on a number of factors, including the incomes of both parents.

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