Our dedicated attorneys at JWB Family Law can assist you through every stage of your divorce procedure. We’re aware of the life-altering and challenging effects of a dissolution process where stakes can feel extremely high, particularly when children are involved. As a token of our appreciation, we provide a 15% discount to the members of the military in El Centro and throughout the region.

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Whether you or your spouse are military members, it’s essential that you make sure you handle any underlying legal issues correctly. Our team of Certified Family Law Specialists and experienced military divorce attorneys provides the assistance you need to thoroughly understand both your responsibilities and rights.

When former or current members of the service are involved, the case may require unique deadlines, different forms, filing dates, and specific calculations based on deployment. Feel free to reach out to our reliable team to help you on your way throughout the process in the most efficient way.

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Going through a dissolution process can be extremely tense. Our lawyers handle each case with care to make sure every client receives the quality treatment they deserve. We boast both experience and expertise necessary to provide dependable legal support during this highly sensitive period of your life.

We’ll provide you with the necessary information about the procedure, the potential influence of divorce on pensions and survivor benefits, and discuss any issues that may occur. If you need help working your way through spousal support, custody of children, asset and debt division, or and property disputes, feel free to contact our dedicated experts in military divorce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of military divorce in El Centro, a spouse may be entitled to child support, spousal support, and military medical benefits based on the length of the marriage. Additionally, you can divide a military pension or a thrift savings plan (TSP) as part of the divorce.

Military divorce typically takes longer than a civilian one, especially if the spouse of the service member is deployed or on active duty when the divorce is initiated. Depending on several factors such as state law, it can take from a couple of months up to 24 months.

In a military divorce proceeding in El Centro, the 10/10 rule implies that, once it’s finalized, a former spouse that has at least 10 years of creditable service and 10 years of marriage can apply for direct retirement payment from the Defense Finance & Accounting Service.

Before you reach out to a military divorce attorney, make sure you get recommendations from a friend or a family member, find out whether they specialize in divorce and family law, whether they have substantial experience, and whether you feel comfortable talking to them.

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