We have years of experience helping individuals go through their divorce proceedings with professional legal representation, guidance, and support. Our dedicated divorce lawyers can protect you and ease the stress throughout the process. Whether you’re dealing with domestic violence, property settlement, child custody, or prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, our team has the skills and knowledge to ensure your positive outcome in the least distressing way possible.

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Whether it’s necessary to go to trial or ensure a settlement, you can rest assured your case is in good hands. Our team will work with you and devise a plan that will lead you to the best possible outcome. In case there’s a trial, your divorce attorney in El Centro will represent you and fight for your rights in the courtroom.

Not only do we provide expert legal representation, but we also take the time to take you through each stage of the process ahead. We keep you in the loop from start to finish so that you know what’s happening with your case at all times. We’re also at your service to allay any concerns, answer questions, and provide explanations.

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With Jane Wesley Brooks, CFLS, leading our team of experienced attorneys specializing in divorce and similar cases, you can rest assured your case is in good hands. We strive for fair settlements whenever possible and always make sure to provide the knowledge and guidance necessary to navigate this difficult time in your life.

No matter which phase of separation you’re in, feel free to reach out to our trusted divorce attorneys and we’ll take over your case and lead you to the other side with expertise and dedication. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and voice your concerns during our free consultation as we’re there to help you through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A divorce mediator is supposed to help you and your spouse come to an agreement in terms of your divorce. This may include finding a common ground regarding spousal support, child custody, the division of assets, and more.

Our knowledgeable divorce attorneys in El Centro are at your disposal to provide more insight into divorce mediation and getting a fair resolution from this process.

It depends on the specifics of your case, but it usually takes several months to a year.

No, it’s not. For example, if you still don’t qualify for a divorce, you can go the legal separation route first. Feel free to reach out to our seasoned divorce lawyers in El Centro, and they’ll explain the differences in detail and help you choose what’s best for you.

Aside from the qualifications and experience, you should look for a divorce attorney who will listen to your story, understand your needs and goals, and guide you from start to finish.

We understand how difficult it may seem to start a divorce process, which is why our divorce lawyers at JWB Family Law in El Centro consult with you and provide you with guidance and support from your first free consultation. We’ll ensure you understand your rights and receive the best possible legal representation and assistance throughout the proceedings.

County on us if you need legal help for your divorce process in San Diego or if you’re looking for experts to represent you during a divorce in Temecula. Our firm is also at your disposal for establishing or contesting paternity and handling domestic violence and restraining orders.

Whatever you need, we’ll ensure you receive expert legal counsel and representation to help you resolve the matter efficiently and fairly. Give us a call and rely on our professional assistance so that you can soon have a stress-free visit to Salvation Mountain or a relaxing walk around El Centro.

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