JWB Family Law is a legal firm well-versed in asset and property division. Our property division attorneys have a wealth of experience working with clients who are involved in complex and protracted property division proceedings. California is a community property state in which spouses are considered joint owners of assets and debts that were acquired in marriage.

Since California courts aim to make an equal division of community property during the dissolution process, the first step of a property division lawyer in El Centro is to determine which of the client’s property should be classified as the “community” and which falls under the “separate” category. Having a team of assertive legal representatives on your side will ensure that your best interest is served during the characterization process.

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Our property division attorneys have a proven record working through a complex web of California family law. We’ll ensure that all of your spouse’s assets are accounted for and properly appraised. Our team has ample experience dealing with all types of financial assets in El Centro including trusts, stock options, retirement funds, disability benefits, bankruptcies, deferred compensation, and business valuations.

With our meticulous property division lawyers working on your case, your rights will be protected and your best interest preserved throughout the initial characterization process. We’ll keep you informed and provide regular updates and legal advice during the asset/property division proceedings so you can make an informed decision at all times.

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If you are going through a divorce case in El Centro, our legal team offers unmatched knowledge of all the ins and outs of family law. Every case has its specific characteristics that need to be taken into account and our property division attorneys boast a wealth of invaluable experience dealing with family law in California.

Our comprehensive approach and dedication to clients make us the best choice when it comes to all types of family law legal proceedings. We’ll try our best to avoid protracted litigation and deliver an out-of-court settlement that meets your expectations and protects your rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

California property division laws view spousal property as “community property,” which means that both domestic partners have an equal right to property and income that were acquired during the marriage. Courts will strive to make an equal division of community property in case of a divorce, annulment, or death. Get in touch with a committed property division lawyer in El Centro to ensure your property rights are respected.

Since California is a community property state, all property is divided into two categories; community property and separate property. Community property includes all property and income that spouses acquired during the marriage, while separate property includes individual property held before the marriage and gifts and inheritance acquired during the marriage. All communal property is subject to a 50/50 division by the court.

The best way to ensure your property is divided fairly and equitably after a divorce is to contact a reliable property division attorney who will guide you through the intricate legal process and have your best interest at heart. When you’re dividing property in El Centro, your legal representative will help you:

  • Compose a list of your assets
  • Make a market evaluation of your property
  • Determine which assets count as separate property

In addition to child custody issues, one of the most pressing and stressful issues in divorce proceedings is asset and property division. This is especially true if the spouses have complicated assets that are not easily divided and are unable to come to an agreement. Not all types of assets and property are divided in the same way so it’s best to place your trust in an experienced family property division lawyer to take the lead in your case.

If you need someone to hold your corner through tiresome divorce proceedings, JWB Family Law professional representatives are there to offer expert legal counseling in all types of asset and property division cases. We can also assist you in your quest to claim your property division rights in Temecula and provide professional help with all other family law issues you are confronted with in El Centro.

What’s more, we also specialize in child and spousal support cases as well as cases involving child custody and visitation rights. Feel free to reach out to us in case you need any of these services and we’ll provide comprehensive legal assistance.

Whether you are located around the El Centro Aquatic Center or near the Costco Warehouse, don’t hesitate to place your trust in our hard-working property division lawyers. Contact us today for a free consultation and you’ll immediately see why we’re your best choice!

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