Custody of Your Child When One Party Moves Away

Usually, a custodial parent is not allowed to move the children out of state without the approval of the noncustodial parent. When a custodial parent moves the children without the consent of the noncustodial parent, the noncustodial parent is often left bewildered and unsure of the available options. This article will attempt to explain the [...]

What to Do Before You File for Divorce

Coming to terms that you want to divorce your spouse can be a very hard and agonizing decision. Divorce is a serious matter that requires a lot of thought and planning up front in order for you to fully understand and consider all of the consequences that come from a divorce. Because California is a [...]

A Brief Intro to Divorcing and Filing Your Taxes

Divorce is typically a difficult and stressful process that many may wish was over before it even started. In some cases, when divorces take long enough or if it happens to be timed right, your divorce may take place right smack in the middle of tax season. As if the divorce was not enough, [...]

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Establishing a Good Parenting Plan

When you are in a proceeding to decide how to share the custody and visitation of your children, many decisions must be made by you and the other parent on how you will co-parent your minor children. One of the best ways to ensure co-parenting is beneficial for everyone is by establishing a cohesive [...]

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Co-Parenting During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about coming together as a family. This is supposed to be the happiest, most stress-free time of the year, right? This is quite the opposite for divorced or separated families. Divorced or separated parents must deal with the stressor, every year, of “who gets the children for the holidays?” [...]

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