Understanding FL-150 Forms

A frustrating but mandatory part of the divorce process in California is completing financial disclosure forms. One of these forms is the Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150), which requires both the Petitioner and Respondent to detail their earnings and spending. Understanding FL-150 forms is important because they can be complicated and can make the [...]

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After the Divorce: When Your Ex-Spouse Claims Your Child on a Tax Return

Filing taxes after the divorce can be a tricky situation. In many cases, the agreement you sign during a divorce or child custody case will outline which parent can claim a child on a tax return. Understand the potential implications and what to do when a spouse who isn’t supposed to claim your child [...]

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How the New Tax Law Will Impact Exemptions and Credits

Changes to the Federal tax system were signed into law in late 2017. But what do those changes actually mean for the average person? If you’re like most Americans, you'll wonder how the new tax law will impact exemptions and credits. That’s why we’re offering some insight into the new tax law and your [...]

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Questions About the New Tax Law and Spousal Support

If you’ve been keeping up with the news about the tax bill recently passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law, you may have questions about how the new law will impact your taxes. For those who either pay spousal support or those who receive spousal support, there are probably questions about [...]

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A Brief Intro to Divorcing and Filing Your Taxes

Divorce is typically a difficult and stressful process that many may wish was over before it even started. In some cases, when divorces take long enough or if it happens to be timed right, your divorce may take place right smack in the middle of tax season. As if the divorce was not enough, [...]

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