Deciding Where to Send Your Child for School or Church as Joint Custody Parents

A vital process of joint legal custody is deciding where to send your child for school or church as joint custody parents. If you and your ex-spouse agree what school your child should attend, you can simply enroll the child in the agreed upon school without any involvement from the court. But, If you and [...]

fotex2023-12-11T17:19:11-08:00June 27th, 2016|Child custody and visitation, Co-parenting divorce, Divorce|

Back to the Basics: Child Custody Modification

Are you a divorced parent wanting to modify your child custody or visitation order?  Did a family law judge previously make such order? As it turns out, there are countless reasons why parents may wish to modify an existing custody order.  For instance, as children grow older, their needs and interests drastically change.  Additionally, as [...]

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