California Grounds for Divorce and Residency Requirements

Divorce is a legal process that has been left up to each individual state to determine. There are different requirements put in place for people to get divorced within a particular state. If you have made the difficult decision to get divorced in California, you must first meet certain residency requirements. California grounds for [...]

A Brief Intro to Divorcing and Filing Your Taxes

Divorce is typically a difficult and stressful process that many may wish was over before it even started. In some cases, when divorces take long enough or if it happens to be timed right, your divorce may take place right smack in the middle of tax season. As if the divorce was not enough, [...]

fotex2023-12-08T23:16:05-08:00January 20th, 2016|Divorce, Taxes|

Safety First: The Impact of DUI on Divorce

This is the season for more drunk drivers on the road. Studies have shown two to three more people die in alcohol-related crashes during the holiday season than any other time of the year; and 40 percent of these fatalities involve a driver impaired by alcohol. Those who are going through a divorce or [...]

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