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Child Custody Schedule Options

When you are in a proceeding to decide how to share the custody and visitation of your children, many decisions must be made by you and the[...]

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San Diego Domestic Violence Resources

As in other counties in California, San Diego has resources you can contact to help you in a domestic violence case. A nd a dedicated family law and divorce attorney can help you legally enforce your separation from an abusive partner.

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Military Spouse Benefits After a Divorce

It is important to discuss all these topics with the military spouse divorce attorneys you retain to help guide you through the dissolution of your marriage. Military family law can be complex when it comes to divorce.

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What Not to Post on Social Media During Your Divorce

Anything you post on social media during a divorce can, and likely will, be used against you in your dissolution proceedings. Knowing what not to post on[...]

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Helping a Friend Through Divorce

A person going through a divorce is often dealing with the loss of time with their kids, a portion of their retirement, their house, and even relationships with their in-laws.

  • The Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce

The Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce

Ending a marriage is never a thing that someone wants to go through, but sometimes it is the best solution for couples who are struggling. There are[...]

  • The Challenges of Getting Divorced After 50

The Challenges of Getting Divorced After 50

Finances tend to be more complicated as second divorces generally happen later in life when folks have accumulated more assets.

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Is January “Divorce Month”?

Many couples choose to wait until after the holidays to initiate divorce. They do not want their families to associate the generally happy, festive season with[...]

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