Our experts at JWB Family Law handle each case with commitment and diligence. We understand that domestic violence can be traumatic and we’ll make sure to reduce the stress to a minimum throughout the entire process. We’ll help you defend against or seek a restraining order, and our meticulous lawyers in El Centro will carefully guide you through every step of the proceedings. Lean on our reliable team to defend your rights.

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If you’re seeking protection after having experienced domestic violence, rely on our committed professionals to assist in the legal process and guide through it from beginning to end. We’ll ensure your restraining order request is thoroughly supported by evidence. If required, we’ll also appear for you in court.

If there is a temporary restraining order against you, our dedicated attorneys will assist you in defending a permanent restraining order in El Centro efficiently and timely, carefully analyze allegations, and help you set up an adequate response by working closely with you. We’ll make sure we defend your rights diligently and provide the best outcome.

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We understand that the situation can be extremely difficult and sensitive while also remaining challenging when protecting your family. This is why we always make sure we do everything we can to secure your safety. We’ll supply the necessary evidence to hold up your claims and meticulously prepare any witnesses for the hearing.

In case you’re defending against a restraining order related to domestic violence, our experts will assist you in collecting and presenting the required evidence to defend your rights. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in El Centro will carefully lead you through the proceedings and make sure to ease the stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must provide proof of abuse or harassment that has occurred or is imminent when it comes to claiming a restraining order for domestic violence and other cases with the help of an attorney in El Centro and the area. Proof may include police reports, medical records, witness statements, photographs, or any other evidence that supports your claims. It’s important to note that the court will consider the totality of the circumstances when determining whether to grant a restraining order.

When it comes to the person committing domestic violence, factors may include but are not limited to substance abuse, financial stress, mental health issues, and a history of violence or abuse. It’s important to note that this is a serious offense and is strictly prohibited by law.

You must file a motion with the court that issued the order. The motion has to demonstrate a change in circumstances that warrants termination, such as the protected party’s consent or a showing that the protected party is no longer in danger. The court will review the motion and may hold a hearing before making a decision. If you need assistance with any of the steps, it’s best to hire an experienced domestic violence and restraining order lawyer in El Centro.

The common types include physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse. Physical abuse involves the use of force, such as hitting or punching, to cause harm to the victim. Sexual abuse involves any form of unwanted sexual contact. Emotional and psychological abuse include tactics such as intimidation, manipulation, and humiliation, while financial abuse involves the control of the victim’s financial resources.

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