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What is an SBP election in a military divorce? In a divorce involving a member of the military—or a retired member of the military—a former spouse can request that the member elect to cover them under the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), which will continue their share of the member’s retirement benefit if the member dies while benefits are being paid.

Without this coverage, the former spouse’s share of the retirement benefit will terminate upon the member’s death.

What’s Allowed for SBP Election in a Military Divorce

The maximum amount a former spouse will receive is 55 percent of the retired member’s gross retirement pay. The amount of the SBP share can be based on as little as $300 of the member’s gross retirement pay or up to the full amount of the pay.

The premium for the SBP is based on 6.5 percent of the full retired pay or the coverage amount. For tax purposes, the premium is deducted pre-tax, thus the retired member and the former spouse are in effect splitting the costs.

One benefit to the former spouse is that if he or she remarries, eligibility is suspended but can be reinstated if the new marriage ends in death, annulment, or divorce.

If the former spouse is age 55 or older upon remarriage, the SBP benefit continues without interruption or cessation. provides a detailed explanation and common answers related to the SBP benefit and military divorce.

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