Enforcing court orders for unpaid child or spousal support can be a challenging and frustrating process. However, understanding your rights and options can help you navigate this situation effectively.

If you have a court order for support that is not being honored, you have several avenues available to pursue payment. One option is to involve the Department of Child Support Services, which can assist in enforcing the order. They can help locate the non-paying party, establish paternity if necessary, and take legal action to enforce the order.

Another option is to return to family court for enforcement. In court, you can request that the judge take additional measures to ensure compliance, such as garnishing wages, placing liens on property, or even holding the non-paying party in contempt of court.

It’s important to remember that if you are owed support and have a court order, you may be entitled to interest and attorney’s fees for enforcement. These additional measures can help offset the costs of pursuing unpaid support and encourage compliance from the other party.

If you are struggling to collect unpaid support, don’t hesitate to take action to secure what you’re owed. Contacting a family law attorney, such as JWB Family Law, for a consultation can provide you with guidance on your options and help you navigate the process. Our experienced team can assist you in understanding your rights, advocating for your interests, and ensuring that you receive the support you are entitled to.

In conclusion, enforcing court orders for unpaid child or spousal support can be complex, but with the right approach and assistance, you can effectively pursue payment and secure the support you and your family deserve.

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