How does the mediation process work?

Unlike a trial, mediation is intended to facilitate fair and voluntary negotiations. Mediators are typically trained in dispute resolution and communication techniques that help the mediator balance negotiating power between parties and produce agreements that are fair and voluntary. During mediation, both parties can still be represented by their divorce mediation attorneys. Attorneys may participate [...]

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What are the benefits of mediation during a divorce?

Divorce is typically a major life change and can be a challenging time for all parties involved. The mediation process can be extremely advantageous for several reasons. Some of these include: Quicker resolutions: The California family law court dockets are severely overburdened, and cases can take years to resolve. Mediation provides a timelier way to [...]

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How long does mediation take?

The length of mediation can vary based on a couple’s willingness to work together and compromise. Some couples come to an agreement relatively quickly, while others need more time to reach an agreement. Mediation can be done in one or several sessions that are several hours each. Reach out to our divorce mediation attorneys in [...]

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How do divorce court documents get filed?

Whether or not an agreement is reached at mediation, a divorce mediation attorney can assist the parties in filing all necessary documents with the court. Our attorneys are here to help manage all your legal paperwork and filing so that you are sure it is handled properly.

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Who are the best divorce mediation lawyers in San Diego & the vicinity?

When going through a divorce, we know it can be difficult to communicate with your ex-spouse. JWB Family Law specializes in helping clients reach agreements through mediation that are fair for both parties. Our team has extensive experience and can provide you with extensive legal assistance in a broad range of areas. We’re here to perform professional [...]

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