Can you get a divorce without splitting assets?

In California, property division must follow the laws stated in the California Family Code. These laws detail how all property and debt acquired during the marriage typically must be divided equally between the spouses at dissolution. However, there are a few statutory exceptions to this rule. For example, by written agreement or oral stipulation “in [...]

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How is property divided in a divorce in California?

In a California dissolution, property is first characterized as community property or separate property. Community property includes the assets and liabilities of both parties acquired during marriage and before separation. Generally, property acquired before marriage, during marriage by gift or inheritance, or after separation, is considered separate property of the spouse who acquired the property. [...]

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How is a business divided in a divorce?

During a dissolution, a business will be characterized as a community property business or separate property business. If the business was founded before the marriage or inherited by one spouse, then the business may be considered separate property. On the other hand, if the business was founded or acquired during the marriage, it will likely [...]

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How is a house divided in a divorce?

The family residence is often an asset that both spouses would like to be awarded. A court order for sale and division of proceeds is often the most practical and least expensive way of effecting an equal division of difficult-to-value assets or property which each spouse wants awarded to them.  A house may be characterized [...]

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Who are the finest family property division attorneys in San Diego and the area?

JWB Family Law has a long history of helping families through the property division process. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are here to help you through the proceedings of child custody and visitation, the process of divorce involving military personnel and their spouses, and all matters concerning divorce in San Diego and the nearby areas. What’s more, we’ll be here to help [...]

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