Considering Divorce

During COVID-19?

Divorce is emotionally and financially difficult for all parties, especially during the COVID-19 quarantine. The courts have resumed service but are not open to the public. They are working on a triage basis and will serve you in the lobby, meaning divorces can still proceed during the pandemic.

“Jane has been a beacon in my divorce process. After 2 1/2 years enduring unsuccessful mediation, she identified the issues, facilitated a plan and succeeded in getting my divorce finalized.” —W.M.

How Does Divorce During Covid-19 Work?

Divorce is not easy. It can be a long, arduous, and expensive task. COVID-19 has added more hurdles to this stressful state. As we stay home to protect ourselves and others we must make sure our homes are safe and healthy environments for everyone involved.

If you feel you are unable to wait until the courts are fully open, we’ll gladly help you through the divorce process.

You must first complete various forms including the Petition and Summons form that must be filed with the family law clerk’s office. Here is a complete list of the forms required for the divorce process.

Once the paperwork is filed and you’ve paid the $435 filing fee, you must submit the original documents plus two additional copies to the family law business office. Once the file clerk has stamped the documents they will keep the originals, you’ll receive one copy and the other copy must be served on your spouse

Because the courts are opening on a triage basis, domestic violence and emergency hearings will be scheduled before other cases, meaning there may be delays in the resolution of your case. The San Diego County court currently has a turnaround time of two to four weeks to file initial documents.

Appearances for divorce cases will be handled via Microsoft Teams software for video sessions and “Court Call” for audio court sessions.

No matter the amount of time or amicability, our team of attorneys at JWB Family Law is dedicated to supporting you through the divorce process during COVID and beyond.

Specialized Expertise in All Areas of Family Law

We are not your average law firm. With over 95 percent of our cases resulting in a positive outcome at settlement or trial, we deliver tangible results you can count on. Our devoted attorneys handle all facets of family law no matter the complexities.

We are aware of the strain COVID-19 has put on the child and spousal support cases and will help you create a parenting strategy that works for all parties involved.

Do you have concerns about your children, your current order, or any other questions about family law?

“Jane lifted a weight off my shoulders and a burden off my heart.” —Angelyn F.

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