JWB Family Law Adds Carmen E. Ramos, CFLS, as a Senior Associate Attorney


JWB Family Law is expanding its team to welcome Carmen E. Ramos, CFLS, as a Senior Associate Attorney. Carmen joins the JWB Family Law legal team to help the firm in all aspects of family law: divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division and allocation. 

“I joined JWB Family Law because I like Jane’s philosophy and approach to our profession,” said Carmen E. Ramos. “She has excellent team building skills and has the highest ethical standards. I am happy to be a part of this team and look forward to many years here.”

With 26 years of experience practicing law in San Diego, Carmen brings a wealth of experience representing clients in child support and enforcement issues, complex property division, business valuations, income and support analysis, and all aspects of divorce. For 25 of her 26 years as an attorney, she has been dedicated to family law. Carmen also served as an in-house partner and briefly ran her own practice.

Carmen graduated from Marymount College and earned her Juris Doctorate from the California Western School of Law.  She is a Certified Family Law Specialist, was selected as a San Diego County Top Attorney in 2015, and has worked with the San Diego District Attorney’s Office.

When not practicing law, Carmen spends time with the love of her life—her dog, Cassie. She also enjoys diving into the latest recipes and novels.

Please help us welcome Carmen E. Ramos to the JWB team! 

To learn more about Carmen and her practice areas, view her profile.

To meet the rest of the JWB Family Law team, please visit jwbfamilylaw.com/legal-team.

Carmen E. Ramos, CFLS jwb family law

The Importance of the CFLS Designation

A Certified Family Law Specialist, or CFLS, is an attorney who has obtained certification in the standards of California family law and demonstrated optimal legal competence. Attorneys who obtain this certification have specific expertise in all aspects of family law, which includes divorce or the dissolution of marriagechild and spousal support, child custody, and temporary restraining orders, among other areas of emphasis.

Not every attorney practicing family law has obtained this certification. In fact, the designation remains relatively rare—there are fewer than 2,000 CFLS attorneys in California and fewer than 200 in San Diego.

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